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“I started my first-ever ministry a few months after graduation at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of York, PA. For me, finding Unitarian Universalism felt like finding a home, and the call to ministry felt like being asked to create a home for others—for many—for all that may ask. Community building and spiritual companionship feel like work I will engage in for a lifetime."

"MLTS engaged my heart, mind, and body with the idea of a deeply complex community during a complex time, and I believe we all engaged in the grace of learning about how we fail together. And then how we build back again and again. I will take those lessons with me into every ministry context.”

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“My vocation is small parish ministry, and I've had the good fortune of being asked to serve as a contract minister at a small church, Columbine Unitarian Universalist Church, near my home for the next year. After many staff and ministry changes recently, the congregation and Board and I are all hopeful that this will be a long-term ministry."

"Meadville Lombard gave me a solid grounding in doing this work, as well as a good understanding of systems, governance, and administration. Paired with my two-year part-time internship, I was able to learn by doing and then discuss and process my learning with my cohort. I was exposed to many different professors and their methodologies and I was able to develop collegial relationships, both of which I carry with me into my ministry. I'm very glad I had the opportunity to go to Meadville Lombard for seminary, and I look forward to lifetime relationships with my fellow alumni and professors and staff.”

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“I am extremely fortunate to have been named Executive Director for UU FaithAction NJ ( which focuses on legislative advocacy for social justice issues in the state of New Jersey. UUFANJ is a member of the Coalition of UU State Action Networks ( Overall, I do feel equipped for this ministry as a result of my studies at MLTS. In particular, the Signature courses (Community Studies and Leadership Studies) were foundational.”


In 2020/2021, we awarded over $561,000 in grants and scholarships to our students.


Of 89 students enrolled in Fall 2020, 66 were in MDiv, 6 were in MA in Leadership Studies, 5 were in MA in Religion, 2 were pursuing Dual Degree, and 10 were students at large.


Our students come from a variety of vocational paths. Their average age in 2020/2021 was 45, with the age range of 24-76.


From 2016 to 2020, 88% of our

MDiv graduates have

 passed the Ministerial Fellowship Committee and 93% of those who have passed received top marks.