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Meagan Henry is a current MDiv student, finishing up her studies to graduate in May 2023. We asked why she chose Meadville Lombard as her seminary, her experience at MLTS, and her ministerial formation journey including her Leadership Initiative project that took her to Jordan. 

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“With much joy, I will continue my ministry leading the lifespan faith formation program at Neshoba Unitarian Universalist Church in Cordova, TN. In the near future, I am open to the call of parish and or community ministry and I will be delighted to see what the Universe reveals to me. During my time at Meadville Lombard, I feel like I have been unraveled and woven anew. As a result, my ministry is strong, inspired, and agile. My experiences at MLTS transformed me in ways that I didn’t know were possible. I understand ministry in a much broader and deeper capacity. I am incredibly energized by the vision and practice of collaborative ministry. In the care and challenge of the Meadville community, I learned to succinctly articulate my theology of grace. The calling of my ministry is about helping people find wholeness, to thrive in community, and to work toward the goal of collective liberation. Meadville Lombard prepared me to lead with love."

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“MALS studies at Meadville Lombard equipped me with a spiritual foundation in compassionate leadership. I feel ready to live into my call to serve in innovative community-based settings and apply my values to the world of work. The faith formation and mentorship I experienced during my internship at All Souls Church Unitarian in Washington, DC was especially affirming and profound. During my time at Meadville, I was both humbled and honored to be the recipient of the 2022 Charles Billings Prize for Excellence in Preaching. 

"I am full throttle into my holy work as a Spiritual Entrepreneur with and as a Lay Community Minister in private practice through Through my ministries, I provide community spiritual enrichment and open-hearted human resources services to liberal faith communities and spiritual career direction to individuals. 

"Recently, I registered for adult OWL facilitator training. I have also completed training as a volunteer facilitator for both the Spiritual Alliance of Communities for Reproductive Dignity, where I help teach curriculum to progressive congregations of all faiths, and the DC Center for the LGBT Community, where I will use my HR and career consulting background to serve in their job support program."

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"I am a 2nd Lieutenant and a Christian Science Chaplain Candidate in the US Air Force. I came to Meadville Lombard Theological School as the first part of my journey towards becoming a Christian Science Military Chaplain. Previously, I was a youth development professional. When I started my MDiv at Meadville, I was working for DiscoveryBound National Leadership Council, a 4-year youth servant leadership development program. Now that I have completed my MDiv and all the requirements of my church, I am actively working to become a Christian Science Chaplain in the US Air Force. I just completed my first internship tour and am in the process of going on my second internship tour.”


In 2021/2022, we awarded over $560,433 in grants and scholarships to our students.


Of 83 students enrolled in Fall 2021, 64 were in MDiv, 4 were in MA in Leadership Studies, 2 were in MA in Religion, 6 were pursuing Dual Degree, and 7 were students at large.


Our students come from a variety of vocational paths. Their average age in 2021/2022 was 46, with the age range of 26-75.


From 2016 to 2020, 88% of our

MDiv graduates have

 passed the Ministerial Fellowship Committee and 93% of those who have passed received top marks.